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Perkasie, PA

I began this business in 2005, because of my passion for firearms. This is a one man operation, so I may take a longer time to complete some work, but your satisfaction and happiness is what I am striving for.  The business has had a current FFL since the beginning. I am a certified Glock and H&K armorer, as well as having a B.S. in Mechanical engineering.  

I cannot stress enough how important SAFETY is in this sport!

Please note that I have the utmost respect for Law Enforcement and Military personnel, and proud to say that they will get my support in my own way when they show me their credentials.

Hopefully my desire to do good work, American made work, will benefit all of my customers.


‚ÄčThank you!

a team of one

I work on every piece of customers equipment like it is my own.

Sometimes a firearm comes in that cannot be repaired, it WILL BE tagged an documented as "Unusable".  I am not in any way responsible for what you do with your particular equipment once it leaves my shop. There is no way of me influencing, managing, or guiding how you handle it, what types of ammo you use, etc. Be aware, "YOU" are responsible for your safety and that of others when operating firearms.